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Our Home Owners Say

Tim is an outstanding human being first and a great business man second. He did a fantastic job repairing a bleach stain in my carpet. The attention to detail was impeccable. I greatly appreciate his professionalism and work ethic. Tim is a chemist, he’s not just going to pour a cleaning solution of your carpet to remove a stain.  Tim is going to analyze your carpet and strategically apply the best method.

Donovan B., Los Angeles, CA

Tim did a Phenomenal job.  After contact many companies I chose Gorilla Carpet Cleaning and I’m a extremely happy with the results. Tim was very thorough, he found the perfect match for the carpet and I’m impressed because the beach marks just disappeared. Personally I highly recommended Tim services. He is great, punctual, honest and professional.

Daniela A., Los Angeles, CA

Tim is a MIRACLE worker! My daughter spilled a full cup of coffee, coconut oil and chocolate on brand new white carpet. Tim, using specialized knowledge and techniques, removed the stains 100% and returned my carpet to its original state. Truly amazing!  I VERY highly recommend Tim and Gorilla Carpet Cleaning!!

Debra L., Westlake Village, CA

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Commercial Cleaning

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Gorilla Carpet Cleaning: Your Trusted Local Moorpark Carpet Cleaning Co- Call (805) 270-2033

No matter what type of Carpet Cleaning Moorpark services you may be seeking, you can rely on Gorilla Carpet Cleaning. We offer comprehensive:

  • Residential Carpet Cleaning

  • Pet Damaged Carpet Repair

  • Encapsulation Carpet Cleaning

  • Carpet Stretching & Restretching

  • Carpet Burn Repair

  • Water Damaged Carpet Repair

  • (VLM) Very-Low-Moisture Carpet Cleaning

  • Boat/Yacht Carpet Cleaning

  • Commercial Carpet Cleaning

  • Carpet To Tile Transition

  • Wool Carpet Cleaning Experts

  • Carpet Patching

  • Industrial Carpet Cleaning

  • Pet Urine & Odor Removal

  • Carpet Dyeing

  • Bleach Spot/Stain Carpet Dyeing

Carpet Cleaning Frequently Asked Questions

The price of carpet cleaning ranges between $25 to $75 per room for carpet cleaning, which is an average of $51 per room nationally, according to Angie’s List members. Larger whole house cleaning projects can cost more than $550.

Carpet will simply be mildly damp from water upon completion, that water will dry in a few hours. Often, we do drop air movers in each room as we finish to aid in the drying of carpet.

Unfortunately…..No.  Many factors contribute to the staining of carpet, including organic, synthetic staining, the type of carpet fiber you have, how long the stain has been there, if there was any DIY cleaner that you used on it.  However, we are certified and trained in the professional removal of stains and we usually get most of them out.  It will depend on a case by case basis. But…let’s get started!

We will meet with you to discuss with you what your current “hot buttons” are for this carpet clean and why it is that you’re having us out today.  Then we will do the following: (See our 10 Step Process)

Why Choose Us For Your Carpet Cleaning?

We give you not one but four irrefutable reasons to choose us over other carpet cleaning experts in Moorpark. Read on to find out why our Gorilla Carpet Cleaning Experts can become your go-to agency whenever you want a new fitting or an old carpet replaced.

Gorilla Carpet Cleaning offer On-time, Worry Free, Fast Carpet Cleaning, Carpet Dyeing, Service the Same Day

Gorilla Carpet Cleaning is a licensed carpet cleaning Moorpark services company where on-time, prompt, professional and courteous services are a way of life. We offer wide ranging carpet and rug cleaning services throughout All of Moorpark and the neighboring areas.

As carpet and rug cleaning experts, Gorilla Carpet Cleaning moorpark offers peace of mind and evokes trust in the minds of consumers who are seeking prompt and efficient carpet cleaning services. Since 1988, our customers know they can trust us completely to do any work right the first-time round. We will never give you a reason to complain or be dissatisfied with the work we do. In fact, customer service is integral to our business philosophy and this has garnered us an impeccable reputation in the All of LA & Moorpark, Simi Valley, Thousand Oaks, Camarillo, West Hills, Agoura Hills, Calabasas areas.

High quality carpet cleaning moorpark is ultimately defined as being able to restore or clean carpet and return it to its natural luster and pre-soiled restored state. There are 2 enemies to this: (1) Not using the right Chemicals, Heat, Agitation & process & (2) LEAVING TOO MUCH SOAP, CLEANING AGENTS IN THE CARPET!
Soap is more of an enemy than the soil is. This is because soaps and detergents are electrically charged to ATTRACT dirt! Re-soiling quickly and prematurely are the end result.

Gorilla Carpet Cleaning moorpark are EXPERTS in carpet cleaning. We are IICRC certified trained as well as having our masters in advanced fiber identification, cleaning. We DO NOT USE THE SOAPS THAT OTHER CARPET CLEANERS USE. OUR CLEANING LEAVES NO RESIDUE IN YOUR CARPETS! This is because we use a special chemical to strip, clean the carpet dye sites. It has a PH of 1, it is totally safe to infants & animals as well as allergy sufferers as well as to our wonderful environment. Our chemical has no odor and leaves no residue thus cleaning your carpet the most effectively. You wont believe it. Don’t believe us? Watch us put some on your worst stain and watch the stain disappear!

Why Choose Gorilla Carpet Cleaning? Local carpet cleaning All of Ventura County & Moorpark CA

There are many reasons to make Gorilla Carpet Cleaning your go-to Carpet services expert in Moorpark, CA. Besides guaranteeing 100 per cent customer satisfaction, we epitomize dependability. Our customers know that when they use our services, we endeavor to resolve their carpet problems in quick-time. This has made us a household name in All of Ventura County & Moorpark and helped us forge long-term relationships with our residential and commercial customers.
If you are wondering why Gorilla Carpet Cleaning is the right residential and commercial carpet cleaning near me in Moorpark for you,

Here are some compelling reasons to choose us:

  • We handle all kinds of carpet cleaning jobs, from providing estimates to providing any carpet cleaning that you may need.
  • We adhere stringently to standard and practices set forth by the IICRC (Carpet Cleaning Installation Certifications Organization) to make sure you never fall into any problem in the future.
  • Our in-house technicians are certified and trained. They are up-to-date with the latest training and techniques and the necessary procedures to carry out all carpet cleaning work seamlessly.
  • We offer our customers same day emergency services should the need arise.
  • We have multiple trucks to service multiple customers simultaneously. Our trucks are completely equipped and stocked with the latest tools, equipment and materials to ensure we complete any assignment quickly- no need to come back.
  • We give our customers peace of mind when they need it most.

Our services are hassle-free and we boast a quick turnaround time, the same day.

We stand behind our work and offer you an ironclad “Gorilla Carpet Cleaning’ guarantee” for our labor and quality of work.
We offer our customers tips on how to extend the life of their carpet.
Gorilla Carpet Cleaning Moorpark is renowned for going beyond the call of duty. That is why we help our customers over the phone if they have any doubts or questions. We offer this service free-of-charge.

Whenever you call our office, you will always speak to the owner, who is certified, and who will guide you correctly.

It is prudent to remember that the IICRC has very specific regulations and our carpet technicians are trained to follow them stringently. We will always give you expert opinion supported by the right knowledge so that you can make an informed decision. We do not apply pressure to force you to hire our services and this relaxes you sufficiently to see the true picture and decide according.

So give us a call today at (805) 270-2033, you’ll be glad you did!

City of Moorpark Tidbits

The city of Moorpark was first inhabited by the Chumash people in the early 1800 and then later founded in 1887 and named after the Moorpark apricot which is grown throughout the valley. The name Moorpark came from an Admiral named Lord Ansons who owned an estate called Moor Park in England, he was known for introducing the apricot to the area in 1688. The apricot flower is on the city seal and flag.

Moorpark is located in the Southeastern part of Ventura county and divided by the 118 Highway which is also known as Los Angeles Avenue. It is west of Simi Valley and lies in a valley called the Arroyo Simi river. The city is only about 12.6 square miles of land and 0.2 square miles of water. Moorpark zip codes are 93020-93021.

In 2017 it was ranked 8th in California’s safest cities. Moorpark is a small town with a population of just over 36,000 in 2018. The racial makeup of Moorpark is 75.1% white, 1.5% Africian American, 0.7% Native American, 6.8% Asian, 0.1% Paciifc Islanders, 4.8% Latin and 10.8% other.

Moorpark College is known for its unique Exotic Wild Animal Training and Management program which operates an on campus zoo, which is also open to public visitors. The college also has the only public observatory in Ventura County in its astronomy department.

Moorpark is only 50 minutes from downtown LA and is easily accessible to many local Universities which include: California Lutheran University, California State University Northridge, California State University Channel Island and Pepperdine University.

The city has its own Metrolink Station to Union Station in Los Angeles or Oxnard and local Moorpark City Transit bus services.

Moorpark has six elementary schools: Walnut Canyon Elementary, Mountain Meadow Elementary, Peach Hill Academy, Campus Canyon Elementary, Arroyo West Elementary and Flory Academy. Two middle schools: Chaparral Middle School and Mesa Verde Middle School and Moorpark High School.

Moorpark is famous for the many movies it has been a filming location for: Kings Row in 1942, Paranormal Activity 3 in 1974, The Best of Times in 1986, and The Great Man’s Lady in 1942.
Also known for the residence of many famous athletes and actors such as: David Pollock, Frankie Banali, Brian Blechen, Kelli Berglung, Walter Brennan, John Chester,Jan Ebeling, Tim Hanshaw, Rick Jason, Zach Penprase, Dillon Price and Dennis Pitta.

Moorpark has several exciting attractions such as the beautiful Underwood Family Farms that has all the feel of a townhome farm with a petting animal area, educational tours, fruit and vegetable picking schedule and a farm fresh market to purchase organic fruits and vegetables grown right in Moorpark. The Farm also host many holiday festivals with activities for the whole family all year long. The High Street Arts Center is located in the Old Town of Moorpark and they offer high quality concerts, plays and classic movies all year long. and the Enegren Brewing Company which is a local brewing company that has lager beers and pilsners.

The city has several championship golf courses: The Moorpark Country Club is known as a world class country club and has a restaurant, chipping green and driving range that overlooks the Southwertern Santa Susana Mountain range. The Tierra Rejada Golf Club is located on the edge of Moorpark and was designed by Bob Cupp. It is well known for its teaching staff and glorious views of the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library.

Moorpark has 15 local parks:

Arroyo Vista Community Park
Mammoth Highlands Park
Miller Park
Tierra Rejada Park
Peach Hill Park
College Canyon Park
Campus Canyon Park
Campus Park
Monte Vista Nature Park
Happy Camp Canyon Park
Virginia Colony Park
Veterans Memorial
Happy Camp Regional Park
Poindexter Park
Villa Del Arroyo Park