Msd atomic efi. You wave a magnet over it and it'll switch between carb pressure and EFI pressure that you have preset. The Atomic 2 ECU is capable of fuel map self-learning and ignition timing control, improving idle stability, drivability, and wide-open throttle horsepower! 3. They say for best performance especially with high hp to run a return though. Atomic 2 EFI System (2910-2) by MSD®. The basic Atomic kit will provide one. There were no additional parts needed and no headaches in installation. In part one of our testing of the new EFI kit from MSD, we went through the installation of the kit from start to finish. This item: MSD Ignition 2900 Atomic EFI Master Kit. Simplicity was achieved through component integration resulting in easier installation and programming. This allowed our team to really get hands on experience with diesel trucks and gave them the ability to diagnose diesels over the phone. They include a throttle body, power module (with wideband oxygen sensor), and handheld controller. Initial timing is handled through a compact handheld . Today, there is no reason your muscle car or hot rod shouldn't start, idle and cruise down the . The Atomic 2 EFI system from MSD features 4, 100LB/HR Fuel Injectors capable of supporting up to 650 HP naturally aspirated or 635 HP on forced induction applications. MSD’s Erik Brock explained their thought process in developing the MSD Atomic EFI system. com, and MSD's Atomic EFI system performed as advertised on the LS3 crate motor. D. MSD includes the throttle body, a power module (complete with a wide band oxygen sensor), fuel pump, filter, a handheld controller, and all of the necessary small parts. No longer a concern after the return system installed. S. This eliminates a major portion of the wiring harness found on most . I put the system on and found that the pump would get hot and quit. MSD has a Pontiac at over 600 horses that runs the Atomic system, it will handle about anything you can put it on. - Controls ignition timing. They are inexpensive and easy systems to install. holley. The Atomic EFI system received C. This Executive Order also means the Atomic EFI system provides "reasonable basis" for satisfying the anti-tampering . The Atomic EFI provides the performance and driveability benefits that you expect from fuel injection. Sportsman XFI. The Atomic is limited to 44 degrees of total timing (including vacuum advance) due to the limits of a distributor. Ships from and sold by JEGS. We felt that the time was right to branch out into other areas of internal combustion and fuel injection was a . 75-inch throttle plates, and handles higher horsepower than the previous Atomic unit. Good For 525 hp At The Crank. com/products/fuel_systems/fuel_injection/atomic_efi/atomic_efi_2/ Description:MSD Atomic 2 EFI is a simple, hyper efficient wa. This is due in large part to the ability to run a returnless fuel system so there are no modifications to the tank and no need to run another fuel line (in most applications). $1,543. fuel line, mounting hardware. http://www. SKU: MSD-2910. With the information in this chapter, you will be able to install this or any similar throttle-body system. Because of this, we swapped that out for a vacuum-referenced Holley unit (part number: 12-882). The all-new Atomic EFI system was designed with two goals: simplicity and performance. The Atomic 2 ECU is capable of fuel map self-learning and ignition timing control, improving idle stability, drivability, and wide . High-Powered EFI Systems. “The Atomic Throttle Body Injection system . Atomic EFI 2 Kit by MSD. I eventually converted the distributor to enable this feature sometime after I knew everything was working correctly. These Professional Products Powerjection III systems are a major leap in technology for aftermarket fuel injection systems. MSD’s all-new Atomic 2 EFI is ready to improve the performance and drivability of your Mopar. fuel line, mounting brackets, and EFI specific fuel line clamps. B. summitracing. B EXEMPT E. Definitely put it with the return line and a quality regulator. Atomic EFI Fuel Pump Kit, Incl. And by the conclusion of the chapter, you will know the time, tools, and expertise required to complete the task. Next, under "Advanced Setup", find parameters to set a timing curve. MSD Atomic EFI. A new interface controller comes with a 3. Fortunately, we’d already upgraded the entire fuel and ignition systems on Snake Eyes. $29. This is the complete kit for anyone planning to convert from a carburetor to Atomic EFI. The Atomic 2 ECU is capable of fuel map self-learning and ignition timing control, improving idle stability, drivability, and wide-open . MSD's Atomic EFI master kit contains everything you need to perform the conversion, including a new fuel pump, fuel filter, throttle body, hoses and controllers. Number D-722 which permits the system to be installed in place of the factory carburetor on 1987 and older GM passenger cars and trucks originally powered by a V8 engine. Under the "Initial Setup" screen on the Atomic EFI handheld, you will select "ENABLED" for Timing Control. To make it so easy that a guy like my Dad, who is intimidated by his smart phone, could install and use the system without any . Includes high-flow PWM pump, post filter, 15 feet of 3/8" I. These kits are each designed for a specific engine and are supplied with the Rail Assemblies, Handheld Controller, Power Module and Harness, Wide-Band 02 Sensor and Bung, -6 fittings for the fuel rails and hose for the cross . These MSD Atomic EFI fuel injection systems are the perfect choice for anyone planning on converting from carburetor to fuel injection. Will support 620 horsepower at the crank! The high horsepower kit is a direct replacement for the standard fuel kit (or use with MSD2910). 42-Detroit Truetrac. Show Product Info. R. MSD Atomic EFI Fuel Injection Kit. Atomic 2 EFI System by MSD®. MSD's completely re-designed Atomic 2 electronic fuel injection (EFI) system now comes with an electronic control unit (ECU) integrated into the 865 CFM throttle body rather than mounting it remotely. Wire for O2 sensor is pretty short. . Here’s what MSD says about their Atomic EFI: “The Atomic EFI provides the performance and driveability benefits that you expect from fuel injection. Description. The Atomic 2 EFI is available in raw aluminum finish or a black ceramic option. 95. With little preparation, installation can be started on Saturday morning and the car will make a cruise that night. '69 Camaro. The fuel pressure regulator we were previously using for the blow-through setup wouldn’t supply enough fuel pressure for the new Atomic 2 EFI. Use of stock injectors ultimately limited . “We set out to design an EFI system that could replace a four barrel carb without any complications. A. from there (MSD) directions. ‎MSD Ignition : Brand ‎MSD : Model ‎Msd Efi, Atomic Tbi & Fuel Pump, Master Kit : Item . MSD is making Atomic EFI the simple solution for your LS EFI needs. The Powerjection III features the Engine Management System (EMS) mounted directly on the throttle body. Learn more: https://www. com/redirect?banner=SocialYT1150 Learn more: https://www. Better AFRs equal better idle quality, better . 99. GlowShift 2-1/4"-2-1/2" Clamp-On Wideband Air/Fuel Ratio Gauge Oxygen Sensor Bung Adapter - No Weld Design. Combine the fact that the Atomic will support ignition timing through the ECU and you have a win-win combination. The MSD Atomic EFI has the ability to control timing but it requires an MSD Ignition Control. High Horsepower Fuel Line Kit. From the control box (mounted above battery tucked under the fender wanted it hidden and in a cool spot) the wire just reaches to the heat shield on the body above the passenger side header. We recently installed MSD’s new Atomic EFI master kit on a sweet 1969 Nova daily driver owned by Corey Dotzler of Santa Barbara, California. Could those [] The Atomic EFI system received C. MSD Atomic EFI Fuel Injection System Install Saturday morning, make the cruise Saturday night! Throttle Body Kit comes with the Throttle Body, Power Module (with Wide Band O2 Sensor), and Handheld Controller. Tight spot to get o2 sensor in. The Atomic 2 ECU is capable of fuel map self-learning and ignition timing control, improving idle stability, drivability, and wide-open throttle horsepower! C. - Only 8 required connections. With MSD’s Atomic EFI TBI Master Kit, you get almost everything needed to convert your car from a carburetor to fuel injection. color touchscreen and several new easy-to-use features. The Atomic has the ability to control engine timing. This (2900) complete EFI conversion kit by MSD is perfect for 1965-1985 Mustangs, 1966-1977 Broncos and 1957-1979 F100s with carbureted engines. In Stock. O. - Self-Tuning, no laptop required. An oxygen sensor will need to be installed in the exhaust as well (all brands of efi need this). See Fuel Lines below. Ships from and sold by GlowShift Gauges, LLC. T. Start your installation by knowing that you’re getting everything you need for your crate engine. Learn how to install the MSD Atomic EFI Fuel Injection System in this step by step video. Dart 400-AFR 195-224/224 HR-Powerjection III TB with F. The Atomic EFI outshines the competition in ease of installation and performance! The MSD annular ring injection design produces an air/fuel charge with much better mixture as well as an even distribution among the cylinders that the competition cannot match. You get the Throttle Body, Power Module (with Wide Band O2 sensor), Handheld Controller, and the Standard Fuel Kit for up to 525hp (at the crank). As advertised, the Atomic EFI kit was an easy install with nothing out of the . Best of all, the MSD Atomic EFI fuel injection systems bolt directly to any standard square bore carbureted intake manifold and accept the same linkage as most carburetors. MSD2921. 500 in. Only 2 left in stock - order soon. - Boost or Nitrous (wet systems only) ready. Atop the Atomic EFIs are annular booster rings that deliver superior atomization of the best fuel mixture, ensuring the best possible fuel delivery. Sold as KIT. #: D-722. Product Details. FREE Shipping. This graph illustrates that both the single turbo system from CXRacing. TKO 600-Moser 3. Fuel Line/Mounting Hardware, For Engines Up To 525 hp. About Atomic MSD’s Atomic EFI systems were designed with two goals; to simplify EFI and overall performance. Please Note: This MSD Atomic Electronic Fuel Injector Conversion Master Kit is C. B approved and applies to 1987 and older vehicles equipped with a carburetor. Upgrading to EFI Just Got Simpler. The Atomic has been fantastic on it. Quick starts, smooth idle and great throttle response just to name a few. In this chapter, I cover a complete throttle-body EFI installation, the MSD Atomic EFI system. The Atomic 2 throttle body flows 865 CFM, features 1. Install Saturday Morning, Make the Cruise Saturday Night with the Atomic Master kit. Since the Atomic EFI does not have a built-in ignition driver your points or HEI distributor will . Part #: 2920. The Atomic EFI outshines the competition in ease of installation and performance! The MSD . Performance is served through advanced self-learning properties for the best driveability results from idle to full throttle blasts.

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