How to peak and tune a cobra 25 cb radio. I am a CB RADIO repairman that has been doing CB radio repair for over 35 years now, as a 1 man shop, and before that working on my own and at another CB shop in ’76, and at the Hy-Gain CB company in Lincoln, Neb. Does anyone know if you can still peak and tune the cobra 25 and 29 models? I dont work on them but am thinking of getting one. Tweak and peak of a Cobra . I would recommend inspecting the radio before making a decision unless you simply want a new radio. Adjust for the desired volume level. Emergency traffic. 29 LX MAX- Works As Hard As You Do 1920x1080 from Cedar Electronics on Vimeo. Press the push-to-talk (PTT) switch and tap the antenna . The tuning is done by adjusting specific potentiometers, or pots, on the. A proper SWR tune will net a 4 watt unit about 3. CB Radio has 40 channels with CB radio frequencies ranging from 26. AMC: ALC: AM POWER. AM carrier 6 watts and 28-32 watts peak power. 965 to 27. Tuning a stryker cb radio Using a hacksaw, grinder, or bolt. 11. The resistor near Pin9 needs to be removed and a jumper wire with a ferrite bead put in its place to reconnect power to pin 9. tunes nearly 1:1. Cobra 25 WX ST Tweaking. By comparison, the Cobra 2000GTL base supply is only good for 75 watts and is set at 13. 000 Mhz to 29. Amongst them are 10 NOAA weather channels and channel 19 for information and sound alerts. With the amp off, the ant. When you get the FULL power & modulation out of your CB, it WON’T be TO LOUD, and you won’t . The antenna can be tuned to allow the maximum power to be transmitted. It will not be correct. This Service Comes With a 30 Day Money Back Guarantee! This modification increases a CB radio's output significantly. We have devices with improved specs for the professionals. Dad shows us how to peak and tune a CB radio. SOLD. Here's a list of the ones I found most amusing/useful. Cobra 19 DX IV CB Radio. Various Galaxy CB radio models have been the favorites of many radio hobbyists and professionals for years. Perform a tune-up to the radio. 100%+ Mod. Perform Receiver improvement mods. No reviews yet. At 30 watts of upward on a little Radio Shack 3 amp power supply. The Cobra 75 is then connected to this mounting box by a single cord. Both have the 1969 finals and 1957 drivers. You can order linear amplifier for CB radio for a $100 max price. The external speaker produces great audio and the RX and TX are brilliant. Replace C46 250pf with 33pf cap for a couple watts dead key. Make your Cobra 29 here like a big radio get . How to Peak and Tune a CB Radio. 550 1 Repeater Output &; Simplex 462. Not sure if I did something wrong, or if the radio I installed is working or not. 8 watts. If radio is your hobby then this is your best choice. the permitted output for SSB is also much higher - 12w compared to the 4w allowed for FM - this means you get a usable vehicle-to-vehicle range of . This will add more power to your sound and greatly improve the loudness and quality of your radio. Connect one end to emitter of Q61 (leg nearest rear of unit). 2554 topics. This tuning should be either continuous, or by incremental steps, or by selection of a number of spot frequencies. on October 04, 2018, 06:35:34 pm. There is also an option to have a Modulation Upgrade which includes the tuning. Buy in monthly payments with Affirm on orders over $50. While still keying the microphone, flip the switch on the SWR meter to the “REF” or “SWR” position. This little gun will accommodate all of your expectations. Wire the circuit as shown in the diagram using the . I have included different sets of channels used by people in various . is a Francis double wrapped fiberglass, valued as low as $10. Issue a radio check. 27. Adjust the SWR CAL dial until meter swings right and sits directly under “CAL” on the meter. You can transmit with up to 200 watts PEP A band-by-band plan showing where to find different types of activity is available from the American Radio Relay League (ARRL). Trouble at this station. This radio has the O2A Pll chip. WX VCO Voltage 1. 6vdc. How to peak and tune a cobra 29 ltd classic In this article, we are going to talk about how to peak and tune a CB radio. The following frequencies should be readily accessible to the operator. Adjust the antenna as per your needs to tune the CB radio. 965 MHz and 27. What are CB Radios? Citizens Band Radio (CB Radio for Short) is primarily used for short-range radio communication. cbradio. 4. ANTENNA : SIRIO GAIN-MASTER 5/8 DESIGN (HOME BREW) AUDIO RACK (VST SOFTWARE) NOISE SUPPRESSION. 6. Cobra 2010 (Discontinued) The Cobra 2010 is Cobra's newest and best base station ever! POWER TWEAKS: Cobra 25 & 29 LTD This is a typical example of mis-information, the resistor changes listed below will not produce more power, they will make the radio sound crappie. Tuning your antenna using the Cobra® 29 LTD Classic: Press and hold mic button. Re: Cobra 29 NW LTD Classic Alignment Procedures. 890 Mhz to 24. Past Custom Jobs: Cobra 29 XLR. AR-144 / Cobra 146GTL UPD 2824C PLL Clarifier: 10. VR BY C44 1. However, there are a few mods that will yield. Most modulation potentiometers inside CB radios look something like this . Set CB RX mode: CH1. FS COBRA 146GTL PEAKED AND TWEAKED. 25-30 watts peak power. EXPANDER. More info here. The Cobra 29 LX offers over 40 CB channels to tune into, which makes it one of the best to stand up against its strong competition of best types of CB radios. I hear some of the newer radios dont have the screws to adjust. Increased peak power and audio performance. Uniden didn’t cut any corners when they designed the 858SSb chassis. is to short and must be raised. Make sure the sound of the radio isn't being distorted by the extent of your modulation. Only a properly matched antenna system will allow maximum power output. Tuned L10,L14, for more dead key. CB RADIO MICROPHONE 4-PIN COBRA/UNIDEN/GALAXY CB RADIO MICROPHONE. Installed in the dimmer location. $20. Tune-up. I was on channel 19 almost all day and I heard no chatter. Need some help with a radio mod? Pop in and ask away. 99 EA. Posted on Thursday, November 27, 2003 - 4:52 pm: I have used a DOSY (a average power meter), Astatic, Workman and some other meter all PEP meters. I have the ability to operate for four weeks with no power from utilities. Also product installs and reviews. 5 MHZ. In order for them to be allowed into the country, they must meet a certain standard. to as little as,,,1. 15pcs 50w Uhf 6 Cavity Duplexer N Connector Free Tune Radio Repeat 380-520mhz. Quality service you can count on! No Shipping outside the United States. Manuals: CB Radios. JMHO's. If the sound on a CB radio is fuzzy, disassemble the unit and locate the volume control. That is, the power must not exceed 3. In effect, increasing the power output of the Cobra. All a peak and tune is that a tech goes in and makes sure the radio is receiving and transmitting on the same frequency and the right one, and also he will turn the modulation and AM power up and making sure it is transmitting a clean signal. Yes, you are right. Radio Modifications. **NEW** Cobra 29 NW ST Deluxe AM CB Radio With SoundTracker and backlit front panel. 19. on October 07, 2018, 08:38:05 pm. CB Radio - Ham Radio - LINCOLN II + - Rotary switch and Up/down channel selector - VFO Mode (continuous scanning of 24. Learn more. Turn the CB to channel 40, and key up again while in the REF mode. You are currently viewing our boards as a guest which gives you limited access to view most discussions and access our other features. Indstillingsprocessen fungerer med enhver type antenne, men en almindelig stålpiskantenne er nemmest. 405 MHz. Cobra 21 Pink & Purple Better Half Edition Peaked & Tuned Both RX & TX Purple Channel & Meter LEDs Pink & Purple Jewel Knobs Purple Covers & Bracket. CB Radio General Discussions. RF Meter. Check the deadkey and . By using an amplifier you will boost the . However, if you really want the best out of it, make it work in the 20 MHz and 30 MHz range. Try to place the antenna on the roof of your vehicle, in the geometric center, so to speak. SSB Sig Meter. Power your device before tuning by first confirming the microphone is properly connected to your Cobra. Stryker SR – A10 Magnetic Mount CB Antenna. Keeping the mic button depressed, switch the SWR toggle back to SWR and write down the SWR reading on the meter. $109. Specializing in high quality alignments and performance radio service. August 16, 2021 by Jeremy Neisser. Amplifiers. 0 – 0. Yes, my radio has the ability to tune any frequency from 25 MHz to 29 MHz. Model. Improve upon CB radio Talk around the world with ham radio. 15pcs 50w Uhf 6 Cavity Duplexer N Connector Free Tune Radio Repeat 380-520mhz . Cobra 50 SRX FWE top speed is 45 miles per hour. Center clarifier by tuning can that is nearest front Main PCB left corner next to the crystal. Many of you have asked about supertunes for this radio. All President CB Mobiles Tuning your antenna using the Cobra® 29 LTD Classic: Press and hold mic button. Providing there is enough space to add a second final in parallel with the existing final, this is one of the best ways to increase the output of any single ended output cb radio. Cobra 25 LTD 40-Channels Base CB Radio. into the mast and test again for SWR. If no one responds, re-issue a radio check, but wait patiently before doing so. This link is listed in our web site directory since Tuesday May 16 2000, and till today " CBTricks " has been followed for a total of 97601 times. com. En korrekt tunet CB-radio vil have klar modtagelse og den mest kraftfulde mulige output til andre CB-radioer. Lafayette Dyna-Com 23 Walkie Talkie. 40 shipping. When 2019. Optional Accessories Tune-up. Your input power must be developed first in order to produce ½ the output. Post Dispatched Via Rabbit Vibrator. 1M Cobra_18WXST CB Tranciever_Manual PDF 320K Cobra_19 Ultra-II CB Tranciever_Manual PDF 432KCb Radio Manuals And Circuit Diagrams, humint training manual, hyundai entourage 2007 owners manual, dungeon lords mmxii manual 3 Stars & Up& Up from: . The Magnetic Mount A10’s durability, finish, and performance all make you feel like. Cobra . Husqvarna TC 50 top speed is 45 miles per hour. Cobra 25 WX LTD Classic mic squeal. 575 2 Repeater Output & Simplex Old White Dot Ch. 149. With gain of approximately 100% more output wattage over the basic Peak and Tune. Photofact CB Radio Series (CB-XXX) Index. . Does not conform to FCC rules. Galaxy DX Radios Service Information - Service information, modifications, diagrams, manuals and schematics, and technical files on Galaxy DX Radios. You get a quality device and without emptying your purse. Anchor Clanker: Boat trailer . 1 Posts. Softcover CB Radio Service Manuals. Cobra 25 LTD Mods and Fix. / @25 Watts. Re-insert the whip. This includes repairing radios to factory specifications, tuning and installing, aftermarket modifications including echo “connex boards”, and heavy duty final power upgrades. Cobra 25 LTD . A page which list's the modulation boosts and tune ups for the cobra range of radio's. Recent Cobra Radio Communication questions, problems & answers. 20. To order an in-stock volume select the number (CB-XXX) in the drop down list here . Keeping in line with the modern, minimalist trend, this ,199 3-wheeler from Piaggio has got it all. Frequencies (In MHz) Modes You Can Use (200 watts PEP maximum power) 80 meters. 4. It includes an array of powerful features to meet and even exceed these . Turn the knob on the SWR meter labeled “SET” or “ADJUST” until the needle reaches the setting position at the end of its range. Lafayette Comstat 25 (25 channel CB radio). 0 Watts. Cobra 25 LTD classic vs 29 LTD classic. On 3rd shift in ’77. Cobra 25 ltd Wx Mod's Please. Step 3: Set up the Antenna. TX Freq. LOCATION : SOUTH-EAST NEBRASKA U. The frequencies are listed in the table below. The condition of the radio and the cost of the current repair is what matters. Tuning a stryker cb radio The truth is that all CB radios are created equal. Solder a 150k ohm resistor across the PA and external speaker solder lugs. net forums. It’s just not going to happen. CB radio and export radio testing, repair, tuning, sales and more! The Radio Garage is here to help you get on the path to clean and clear modulation. AM Squelch. 1 – Cobra 29 LX 40-Channel CB Radio. Stay connected, keep alert, and now make calls and send messages, hands-free, with Bluetooth® integration. Forum rules. The antenna coax, power cord and optional speaker wire plug into a small mounting box that can be installed out-of-sight. CB Antenna Since the maximum allowable power output of the transmitter is limited by the FCC, the antenna is critical in affecting transmission distance. After these rigs have been tweaked and modded then they perform as. (will see big improvement). I have power, ground and a coax cable to an antenna on my semi. Maximize the modulation without distorting the voice. VARIABLE POWER I nstall a power regulator / super modulator circuit and a new variable front panel control. It works great with portable two-way radios and walkie-talkies in the range of 3 MHz and 30 MHz. The Cobra 29 LTD is an industry standard and very popular with professional drivers. If the sound on a CB radio is crackly or whines, check the car’s noise-suppression . 00 at some Love's Stopping . $2 9. This is not preamp this is an actual modification to the board to improve the AGC of the radio. First, we will explain what it means, after which we will list all the tools and parts you need. 25 x 17 on the rear. Tuning a stryker cb radio To summit up Uniden BEARCAT 980 is the most powerful CB radio and one of the best SSB CB Radios. Use the “Tune” frequency, hovering the mouse over each digit of the frequency that you want to change and using the left and right mouse buttons to raise or lower that number, to tune for a local FM radio stations frequency. 525 – 3. CB VCO Voltage 1. You will find two different methods. By continuing to use this site you consent to the use of cookies on your device as described in our cookie policy unless you have disabled them. 3 Building from source 2. Gonset G-28 modifed to transmit & receive on 11 meters. Microphone hanger bracket and screws. of quality service and customer service and very fast communication. Picture, Manual and Specifications of the Cobra 29LX Mobile AM CB-Radio / Plaatje, Handleiding en Specificaties van de Cobra 29 LX Mobiele CB-Radio Cobra 29lxmax mic wiring. $79. work but I like to have the control inside the radio to adjust it. 10-32. Mon - Fri 10:30am - 8pm CST. In general the IMO states that the receiver should be tuned throughout the bands between 1605 KHZ and 27. 700 Mhz) The antenna can be tuned to allow the maximum power to be transmitted. 5. There are plenty of CB channels that have very little . 600 3 Repeater Output & Simplex 462. CB Radio Frequencies & Channels (PDF) September 4, 2021. Tuning a stryker cb radio The HYS TC-300N CB linear amplifier is one of the best. Cobra LTD-25 Classic Mods? 10. Radios and their components vary greatly so often the . RANGE : The usable range on a 'standard' CB on FM is around 4-7 miles vehicle-to-vehicle and upto 10-15 miles base-to-base with big aerials. This Cobra Classic 25 LTD CB Radio has many useful features including a 9 foot microphone cord and an adjustable Dynamike® Boost. Channels are generally spaced 10 MHz apart. Cobra 25 LTD and Uniden Washington. 625 4 Repeater Output & Simplex O You can order linear amplifier for CB radio for a $100 max price. Smooth Variable AM carrier from 1/2w to 6 watts variable. SSB Squelch. Both key around 6 watts or better and both swing 22 on the average meter and around 40 on the PEP meter. You can get a linear amplifier as it works efficiently in giving your dead key additional output power. Cobra 75WXST Compact/Remote Mount CB Radio With SoundTracker. cobra 19 ultra iii modification, cobra 19 dx iv antenna, boost cobra 19 cb, how to adjust modulation on cobra 19 ultra iii cb tricks, cobra 19 modulation, cobra 19 dx iv mods, mods for the cobra 19 ultra iii, cobra 19 ultra 3 tune up, cobra 19 dx . Cobra 29 Ltd Classic, Cobra 29 Lx, Cobra 29 Mosfet, Cobra 29 Wx Nw St, Cobra CB Radios, Cobra Consumer Electronics, Cobra 148 Gtl, Cobra Car Power Inverters, 20" - 29" TVs, Cobra 29 LTD Classic CB . Unlike cellphones or other radios, CB radios are reliable and a sure way of keeping in touch with one another. AM Signal Meter. KBB. Then hook the antenna, the CB radio, and the SWR meter with two coaxial cables. Finally, slowly raise the RF Gain until you hear . Tuning a stryker cb radio ALAN-COBRA COBRA-CRAIG CRAIG-GALAXY GALAXY-MAXON MIDLAND-RANGER RANGER-REALISTIC ROBYN-SEARS SOMMERKAMP-TEABERRY TEABERRY-TRISTAR TRS-CHALLENGER-UNIDEN/PRESIDENT UNIDEN-ZODIAC ~ CB RADIO Tune-Up Information ~ Click Here For Tune-Up Instructions Just click the letters below to choose a radio brand that you want to tune. Cobra 25 LTD WX Classic. There are two ways to figure the power of a radio. FS: Cobra 148F GTL peaked, tweaked and freq'd. Set CB mode RX CH19. Tweaking the modulation is a good way of maximizing power but you'll only want to up it to a certain degree. Turning it one way will reduce modulation and turning it the other way will increase modulation. Tuning af din Cobra CB eller enhver anden CB øger nøjagtigheden, hvormed den leverer og modtager signaler. This second function is where tuning comes into play, because an antenna . Just wrap up in electrical tape and stuff it some where. My reputation is more important than money. 25 LTD WX. Except up-grade to a 29! Post Dispatched Via Rabbit Vibrator. The last thing you can do is to get some amps. Adjust VR1 for maximum recieve. The main category is CB Radio modifications, tips & tricks that is about CB radio modifications. Radio . Cobra 5 Pin DIN Models 1 - Audio 2 - Transmit 3 - N/C 4 - Shield 5 - Receive 1 - White 2 - Red 3 - N/C . This mobile CB radio looks like a small box. The ant. Turn the "On/Off Volume/Squelch" knob clockwise. 405 MHz, this two-way voice communication service is a perfect medium for localized emergency communication during disasters, highway communication between truck drivers, and of course, good old-fashioned fun for . 9. If there are people talking, politely wait for a break. We also offer a complete line of CB radios, microphones, accessories and custom . 5 watts transmiting output with a swing of 3 to 4 watts. 1 Topics. Consult your COBRA dealer or a 2-way radio technician for help in locating the source of a severe noise. 245 MHz at the frequency counter. Cobra 25LTD CB Radio. Product Includes: Cobra 75 WX ST CB Radio (5-pin microphone) Remote Mounting Box. For Radio Telephony, the carrier frequencies . Tuning also includes any necessary adjustments and a visual inspection of the radio. Not allot you can do with a Cobra 19. Here is the radio I have: Uniden Pro510XL And even with a peak and tune it won't help if the antenna setup isn't right. Only then will we get into the actual peak and tune operation. If you want a new radio check out the Galaxy 94 or the Connex 4600. A citizens band (CB) radio antenna is a device designed to do two things: It captures radio-frequency signals that are then converted to electrical signals by the receiver, and it takes electrical signals from the transmitter and converts them into radio-frequency signals. Is it absolutly necessary to peak and tune a CB right out of the box? I have a Cobra 29 ltd, and I am using it with an unkown linear amp. A 4 watt cb with bad SWR setup will reflect 25 to 45% of the signal taking you down. Listen to the channel for a few moments. 0 watts of carrier. I have found that the best over-all sound and performance comes with nothing more than a standard tune-up, with the mod level set for 100%. 41. About Press Copyright Contact us Creators Advertise Developers Terms Privacy Policy & Safety How YouTube works Test new features Press Copyright Contact us Creators . I also operate a ham station that talks around the world. LIVE CB RADIO powered by: Twitch (subscribers watch ad free) LIVE CB RADIO RECEIVER. RECEIVER : SDRPLAY RSP1A+. 11 yrs on You tube and thousands of radio`s later I am still here. Tuning a stryker cb radio Cobra 29 ltd,Uniden 76,78. Get a good antenna and set the swr properly. 10-34. VR BY C44 Cobra 29LTD ST Night Hawk (Discontinued) Classic CB Radio with SoundTracker and backlit controls. 8vdc non-adjustable. COMPRESSOR. When I switch it on, the ant. People with these sets would sometimes "drift" off frequency and Delta Tune would help bring back the signal, in the same way that the old fine tuning ring on non-digital rotary TV sets did. tunes to 2:1 or a little higher. 2 VCO ALIGNMENT TEST ITEM TEST CONDITION & PROCEDURE PURPOSE 1. in CB Radio Ten Codes. Firestik Library - Information regarding CB radio and the problems you may encounter during installation and use of your system. Band. $40. Tune AM, LSB, USB with T14, 15, 16 to same location on clarifier. One big long paragragh, possibly only 2 sentences. The Cobra classic CB radio has 40 channels to help connect with anyone out there with a CB. Alligator: A big piece of blown truck tire in the road. 99$149. Set the Cobra CB to channel 21. 2 to 16. 138 Questions. Cobra 25 HD Custom. The 25 LTD is a better choice for expansion as . If we do a visual inspection of your Cb or 10 meter radio this means the odds of getting a defective radio are very slim. 1750 MHz. Adjust VC2 FOR 10. The antenna should be able to be tapped with your finger to adjust the length. The last alternative that you can do is getting an amplifier, which can highly increase the power of the dead key wattage of your radio. Turn the radio to channel 1. Both are very good radios. Some modern CB's like the Uniden PC-76 and the Cobra 29 . 00. Support Frequency Uhf 380-520mhz. resistance value will determine dead key. If a person wants to run a kicker, then they may need to use a modulation mod of some type, depends on the radio. 10-30. Believe me that there is no point to all the off-channel and free channel tuning. Using the 11 meter band with frequencies between 26. The single final radios that use the 3600-14B pcboard lend themselves quite well for this conversion as the place for the second final is already provided. Title: Manual Cobra 148GTL-DX Author Subject Keywords VARIABLE POWER I nstall a power regulator / super modulator circuit and a new variable front panel control. Tuning a stryker cb radio The average 2SC1307 final is rated at 25 watts input. The most powerful CB radio is what you need if you’re a long-distance truck driver, a motorcyclist, a hunter, a hiker, or a fisher. I was simply poking a litte fun at the way it was written. Extend the antenna and tighten the set screw lightly. The only way to modify this radio is to replace the RCI8719 PLL with the older MB8719 PLL. Optional Accessories. Total 15pcs 50w Duplexer. 600. I have two Cobra 29 LTD's. Lafayette Excalibur 80 channel walkie talkie. Then, talk to your partner to check how strong the connection currently is. Here is the radio I have: Uniden Pro510XL Cobra 29LTD ST Night Hawk (Discontinued) Classic CB Radio with SoundTracker and backlit controls. 10-33. This CB has PA capabilities and it also gives you instant access to channel 9 for emergencies. Cobra 29 LX BT (featuring Bluetooth® wireless technology for hands-free cell calling) Based on the patented, award-winning and popular 29 LX CB radio platform, the new Cobra 29 LX BT has been engineered to comply with the new hands-free cell phone usage legislation. WTT COBRA 146 GTL PEAKED AND TWEAKED WITH EXTRA CHANNELS. We use a Cobra 146GTL for our example. Tuning a stryker cb radio How do i peak and tune a cobra 29 lx. > Good luck. Don’t opt for channel 9 because it is for emergencies. Press the button on the microphone, known as "keying up," and adjust the knob labeled SET until the needle reaches its highest point. FS COBRA 146 GTL PEAKED AND TWEAKED!!! 5. 2. A. Some prefer removing a less used control knob and mounting the pot there. 2050 MHz. (These mods replace key RX parts for better sensitivity and selectivity) Every radio has a dead key wattage pot, and for boosting the power it, you just need to see where it is, peaks it, and tune it to get dead key wattage. Hello My name is Tim and Welcome to The official Snake Radio Customs website. A normal 56 ohm reistor would. This chart helps you follow the rules. Turn mic gain (dynomic) to max,say 1-2-3 in your regular voice dont scream!!!,Adjust vr4 until the modulation is . For any general discussions, if your posts topic matches one of the other forums do not post it in here, use the correct forum for the topic. TDA1524 stereo tone control. Replace a damaged or broken antenna (see below). 15pcs Uhf 6 Cavity Duplexer N Connector For Radio-tone Repeater 380520mhz Sgq-450d 50w New. TUNED UP CB RADIOS TO THE MAXIMUM! That’s what I have been doing for over 35 years now—I use a BIRD Meter (the MOST Accurate) that I have over $500 into and a Modulation meter to get your CB to do ALL it can do (peak and tune CB’s to the Max). 515 to 27. Cobra 7 Plus UP / Down Channel Volume / Squelch PA / External Speaker. Last post by kycbradio. How do i peak and tune a cobra 29 lx. AM Freq. LSB Freq. Need peaks for a Cobra 25 LTD ST. USB Freq. The power supply used in the 858SSb base radios provides a total of 120 watts of DC power and is adjustable from 12. The NPC. Tuning a stryker cb radio The Cb radio Peak & Tune below is recommended for our radios. Scott the age of the radio is not the main determining factor. Then connect the antenna with the radio with a coaxial cable. This upgrade will improve the reception of your Cobra 29 by up to 30% while maintaining the signal-to-noise ratio that you are used to. 5 of all channels. 855 MHZ in two bands. No The Cobra 29 LTD is an industry standard and very popular with professional drivers. Circuit Master CB specializes in CB Sales and Repair as well as custom modifications. A: Delta Tune is a fine tune control that is the throwback to the old days of crystal CB sets. Find your manufacturer and model below and note what volume it's listed in. I am a 1 man shop no body else will get handed off anything to work on. Trin 1 Overdrive “This is going to bring a lot of good things for professional users of the CB radio band like truckers because a lot times when the skip’s really rolling and the [solar] cycle is at . Cobra loaded type Press the button on the microphone, known as "keying up," and adjust the knob labeled SET until the needle reaches its highest point. 19 yrs. Set the radio to channel 20,Key the radio,Adjust L14 for right on 4. Cobra 29STWX Classic CB Weather Radio With SoundTracker. 462. Adjust L11 for 1. com in a single category. 25 GTL: VR5 or CUT D9: L13, L10, L9, L8: 25 LTD: Every radio has a dead key wattage pot, and for boosting the power it, you just need to see where it is, peaks it, and tune it to get dead key wattage. Connect a digital multi-meter to TP1 2. Key the microphone (depress the button and hold it). Ground breaking technology, modern design, and unmatched reliability make Cobra the #1 choice for professional drivers. Build your own and save! parts: 1 100 uf 35V electrolytic capacitor, 1- 1 watt 33 to 75 ohm resistor. Also, many specialists recommend investing in a good antenna before you even consider peaking your radio, especially if it’s new. CB Radio Modifications. ALAN-COBRA COBRA-CRAIG CRAIG-GALAXY GALAXY-MAXON MIDLAND-RANGER RANGER-REALISTIC ROBYN-SEARS SOMMERKAMP-TEABERRY TEABERRY-TRISTAR TRS-CHALLENGER-UNIDEN/PRESIDENT UNIDEN-ZODIAC ~ CB RADIO Tune-Up Information ~ Click Here For Tune-Up Instructions Just click the letters below to choose a radio brand that you want to tune. So far received 2687 votes for a . 29. S. Do not order a similar numbered Photofact folder. Third, turn the main volume almost all the way up. This is required to optimize the signal that the antenna receives. Advertising: A marked police car its flashing lights on. com EPT3600 board main. Time is up for contact. that fit on bikes giving you a good swing of 5 to 6 watts peak output. Modifications . 1 V. 990 Mhz and of 28. Thanks. Step 3: Check the connection. The Cobra 2000 was without doubt up there with the best CB’s ever made. You can boost the displacement from 50cc to 80cc with a Malossi big bore kit. Frequencies and Channels Frequency (MHz) Channel Assignment Notes 462. AM and SSB operation allowed in the US. Just wondering if the newer Cobra 25 and 29 models are still peak and tune worthy. Dragonfly wrote: Seem to recall there is a problem with the expanded 29LTD where the delta tune becomes the band switch and as you move the bands the delta tune is still working and pulls the frequency off slightly on the high bands and low bands . The modulation should be adjustable via the body of the CB radio. I will give you a radio check. Install : remove JP 32 replace with cap + side towards back of radio then solder the resistor across the leads on the underside of the circuit board. How to peak recieve on am band 139 cobra xlr. As this radio is not as broadbanded as previous Unidens it might not be worth the expense of the new chip. One is "RMS" and the other is "PEP. Galaxy radios now have a 3 year manufactures warranty. 50. schematic. This can be seen on your power supply current meter. Ham International CB Radios - Retrospective of a mark now disappeared. Forth, begin raising the Squelch very slowly and stop right when the radio gets silent. Cobra 29 Lx Full-featured Cb Radio. Open up the radio and turn the modulation pot up to max then back it off a tad and turn the modulation up. It involves an in depth redesign of the CB's transmitter strip including replacing the transmit final with a larger more powerful transmit final. 5 watts with the little antenna. Please take a moment to check out our GMRS related antenna products. When you're sure it's clear, ask for a radio check. 7. When you first start SDR#, a window should open looking similar to the above. First, start off by leaving your car turned-off (if the radio is mobile). 5V. Wait for a response. SSB is MUCH more efficient than FM in terms of range . 3. You will hear a click, signaling that the device is receiving power. Set CB TX mode Check CH40 £ 4. It looks very mean, BUT it works and is always ready to exceed your expectations. If the lowest SWR reading occurs on channel 40, the antenna whip. Write this number down so it can be referenced later. With the upcoming storm I would like to have this sorted out, and I’m out of ideas. The microphone should be firmly seated on the jack located at the bottom left side of the device. (For Frequency Expansion use Vol 10 Page 25-27) 10. 1850 MHz. Perform a tune-up to radio to increase power, audio and performance. MOD Meter. The cobra 25 won't like this particular mod much though, if getting out on it's own is the goal. $25. Many affordable CB linear amplifiers can be found in our catalogue. Step 1. Repeat the above procedure. At that optimal range, the device has maximum heat dissipation. Coba 25 LTD WX Classic. Forty channel radios came out in 1977 and the XLR was one of the first for Cobra. cobra 25 ltd classic cb radio. Spray electrical contact cleaner into the control and rotate or slide the control several times to lubricate the mechanism. I do not recommend modifying the 148 very much, due to the type of modulation circuit used. They look great, have a frequency counter and all the features that you could ever want. Connect the other end to the solder pad nearest the center of the radio that was left vacant by the removal of R306. Page 4 of 103. Misc. Choose a less busy channel instead. Once you locate VR4 you ll want to use your alignment tool to turn it left or right to adjust the level of modulation. To hear each other, you and your partner should connect to two separate CB radios on the same channel. I fix most all and most brands of CB’s, and if I can’t, I have been doing this long . Fix the antenna to your car on the highest point possible in order to receive the maximum range. Wiring Diagram Radio Jumper Coil Cobra 25 JP6 L11 Cobra 29 JP36 L15 Uniden 68 JV17 L11 Uniden 78 JV101 L15 Jumper & Coil Part Number Notes: Drill a hole in the back or side of the radio to mount the Variable Power Pot. 5 watt AM 80 channel 26. The resource is currently listed in dxzone. Top speed. until the SWR is below 1. cutters, cut 1/4 from the bottom part of the whip. The needle level while on channel 1 should . 8. " When you walk into a CB shop and ask how much power a radio puts out, they . An amplifier can greatly boost the dead key wattage of your radio. On the Base station 10 meter radio "View Detail" pages you will find more information and tuning selections. Tuning a stryker cb radio CB Radio Repair. . Second, turn both the Squelch and the RF Gain all the way down (counter-clockwise). "Breaker 1 9" Yes, this is the classic trucker's channel (You might not want to let your kids listen) 4. Tuning a stryker cb radio Tune-up. The control for this modification is done with the RF gain control. Welcome to the RadarDetector. Then set the meter on REF, and key up again. How do i peak and tune a cobra 25 nw ltd cb radio - Answered by a verified Expert We use cookies to give you the best possible experience on our website.

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