Geto x daughter reader. . Loki was speaking with some men in the throne room when he heard his little girl's voice. Discover more posts about geto x you, geto suguru smut, geto smut, suguru geto x reader, geto suguru x you, getou x reader, and geto suguru x reader. She ran through the large gold room and up the stairs where she tackled Loki, clad in armor, with a hug. “You will never be near him again. Occasional mummers coming from Geto as he pulled you closer to his warm-built chest. ephemeral; (adj) lasting for a very short time. #Ali blabbers #jk I have more requests I’ve procrastinated on #I just wanted to write about them in suits jsjsj #OR THIS BUT . Mafia Boss!Geto who’d bring you to watch him get the highlights done of his chest tatto after you begged to see the . 0. Her sanctuary and love. ☆ Geto’s humbler, yes, but he also sees this as a game, point black period. Again they were outside the walls on an expedition trying to reclaim land lost to them by the titans. Both of your nipples are being toyed with by Sukuna’s mouth hands. Geto Suguru x f!Reader. Geto used to be on the receiving end of this, but he learned all the tells so now he conspires with Gojo to hold down the other end of the blanket. Maria boss!Geto who’d pick you up from work rolling down his window from the back of the limo with a gleaming smile waving ‘hi’ with his gloved hand. Nearing the age of marriage was something incompetent to her mind, makes her spiral down an endless staircase of what the true meaning of love meant to her. / suguru geto x reader. If there was one legend shared in the Jujutsu community, it would be the . geto x female reader one shot - i hate it but enjoy ig. warnings: smut under the cut, fem!reader. -croiss4ant-” ☆ He instantly gets overprotective whenever Geto enters the room, and Shoko’s so confused between this stupid love triangle, often smoking a cigarette in the corner of the room examining the three of you like a k-drama. It was still early in the morning, but the director wanted to start the first day of shooting the new Avengers movie: The Age of Ultron early, causing you to be walking across the set towards the make-up booths while the sun wasn’t even up yet. Number of requests. SPRING [GETO SUGURU X READER] Hades! Suguru x Persephone! Reader. . ═════════════════════════════════════════════════════════════ you knew it wouldn't last. You say as you move back now on your butt “geto I’m sorry I feel so bad now Gojo hate m-. not spoiler free, requires some manga context. You tried to hold back a sob as you watched your dads holding you, or at least whatever was left of you. “I need you here. Natasha x daughter!reader. geto; miwa +19 more # 5. 6K 800 21. Before you could assess the situation, a kick from Satoru landed onto your head, making your body fly off and hit the wall. You may also like. " Levi watched as the last titan in the area fell dead. (F/N) (L/N), a seemingly normal girl for the sore eye. “I can tell what kind of person you are,” he whispered. Y/N, a newly Elite Leader of the Tenkai gang, had always been an interest of Suguru’s. Suguru shrugged, punching your gut and making you cough in the sheer pain. geto suguru. ’ you heard the anger mixed with pain in his voice. You knew that, being friends with Geto Suguru, would mean that he had people all over him. Looking up you saw it was your reaper telling you it was time to go. i’d like to think this happens in chapter 76! We Will Do Better [Geto Suguru x Reader] Summary: You come home late from your meeting to find Geto smoking on the balcony, trying his damn best to pull himself from a dark spiral. synopsis: a fork in the road and you leave him perplexed. Tumblr. CW: Mentions of blood, death, violence, fatal injuries and implied smut at the end. " Originally posted by imaginedelight Diana Prince x Daughter!Reader Request: I was too excited when i saw your request open. “I needed you to tell me the news, I needed you to be here, I needed my papa”, she sobs more tears running down her face. there was no 'it' in the first place. ” “You know that I’m busy, I can’t come running around everytime you want something. 174K 9. Coming home late due to one of your new subordinate’s mess of a first field . ren), readmybooksonwattpad(@aizawakumdump) . “I’m just making sure you’re extra clean. The King of the Underworld. 106 Stories. not when he was a teacher at the school you studied in . you could see the pain in his eyes . Originally posted by kyriun 1. take on the world - you me at six. " "Sing it, Drax!" You looked up from your book as Drax let out a deep snore, making you giggle. "Daddy!" Her high, cheery voice said. “Why did you leave me like that, afte-after mother”, she whispers, her eyes clouding with hurt. Geto needs more love, so here we go. 122K 3. the girl was devastated when the white haired sorcerer killed the one she loved, but it was had to. Hollow ; Satoru Gojo x Reader by Lea. you pulled the door open and spotted gojo. it wasn’t before the knocks started to grow louder that you got annoyed, standing hastily to scold whoever was bothering you. _), iris-ren(@iris. jjk drabble geto drabble suguru drabble geto x reader geto suguru x reader i want to strangle myself I SHOULDNT WANT HIM SO BAD this is gonna be a full fic just wait for it i can’t believe this is my comeback piece like over all those wips sitting in my docs my sukuna fic that has been unfinished for nearly a year now a yuuji piece that . fluff. sp. 9M views Discover short videos related to geto x reader wattpad recommendations on TikTok. He’s known for his many names and many disguises, but for her, to her, he is just simply Suguru. - Reader x Character (obviously lmao) - Reader x Character Fluff ☁️ -Reader x Character Lemon 🍋 -Reader x Character Angst 💔 -Reader x Character Yandere 🔪 I am not too familiar with it, but I will do: -Reader x 2 Characters (whatever genre: lemons, fluff, angst, etc) ^^^ for the Reader x 2 Characters, I have never written a LEMON. In fact the closes thing you had to that was the education they gave you in the red room. Geto Suguru x fem!reader ၍ࠜೄ. SUBMIT by vincere. Instead, you belted out the chorus, off-key and at the top of your lungs, making your dad chuckle. Sukuna is intoxicated by your reactions so for once he is trying to pleasure his pet and not just chase his own pleasure. Sunlight peaked through the shades of the dorm room gleaming on your entangled bodies. A hand grabbed your shoulder. Sort by: Hot. “Onetweet au Suguru Geto x Reader Cw // nsfw Teteh suka nya apa? DUIT AING BEUKI KENEH DUIT DARIPADA LAKIK. geto x reader wattpad recommendations 1. See a recent post on Tumblr from @novaresque about geto suguru x reader. Cross my heart - Chris Evans x Reader (one-shot) You were walking across the Avengers set, your make-up box in hand. +7 more. I Remember (Levi x Daughter!Reader) "I remember when I first saw you. note from heart: idk why i wrote this i think i was just coping. I just want to be held by my Dad. He sighs and picks you up before speeding to the couch, keeping you cuddled into his chest. Geto Suguro - The man who gives a definition to “the sexiest man (alive) . “Nice name for a filthy curse. Original Character Oc Jujutsu Kaisen X Oc Character Insert Gojo Satoru Suguru Geto Male Insert Oc Reader Satoru Tragedy Gojo. Suguru was proud of his members for all the information recently gathered in hopes to destroy the rival Sukuna, but he felt that he needed to thank you personally as you and the Tenkai were able to help out when the Geto were short on members. cw: arranged marriage, Geto becoming possessive, mild . Klaus’ face softens and he cradles you to him running his fingers through your hair. Up until the age of six, you never played on the playground, had play dates with friends, or went to school. Summary. — college au!geto x gn!reader | angst. gojotwins!au masterlist © roscgcld — all rights reserved to me, rose, the author and creator of these works. Love Triangles. When a 15 year old girl gets stolen by her mother as a child she is forced to live with her abusive. step out of the shadows and into my life, silence the voices that haunt you inside and just say the word, we’ll take on the world; just say you’re hurt, we’ll face the worst; nobody knows you the way that I know you; look in my eyes, I will never desert you. The mafia princess. destiel destiel x reader dean winchester dean x you dean x your name dean x y . a knock sounded from the door and you stayed silent, burying your head in your hands. On occasion, he’ll “rescue” you or “avenge your honour”. GETO SUGURU ‧₊˚ 彡. The only normal thing you would ever have was having a mother. Chasing the rank of a Special Grade sorcerer, made h. 4. We Will Do Better [Geto Suguru x Reader] Summary: You come home late from your meeting to find Geto smoking on the balcony, trying his damn best to pull himself from a dark spiral. The Unseen One. They were currently in one of the small villages that resided outside the walls and which was destroyed by the titans. "I'm terribly sorry. ♂️"Macet banget ya" (cont)” ☆ He instantly gets overprotective whenever Geto enters the room, and Shoko’s so confused between this stupid love triangle, often smoking a cigarette in the corner of the room examining the three of you like a k-drama. A boy of only five years old was chosen to be the vessel of the curse Yuki-onna, from that day on his ordinary life took an unexpected turn. Bounded!Geto tag. togeinumaki. Nodding, you stood up and grabbed her hand as she took you away. 9K 46. He's older in this story, but isn't a cursed user (at least not yet heheh). Tomorrow! Or the day after. warnings: unrequited love, not proofread (r any of my works proofread tho?), idk what else to put lolz, like a singular swear word. Geto enjoys when others view you as “sweet,” “kind,” and “caring. ” “Yeah, your daughter who you don’t speak to. ” His eyes were filled with both pain and anger. Embodies the “fuck the world, but I love my woman” attitude. His tongue from his stomach is licking your clit. Please just stay here with me,” you mumble into his chest. Watch popular content from the following creators: 🕯(@ghostfacefuckerz), WATTPADRECOMMENDATION(@wattpadrecommendation2), cam🧞(@cxm3ryn. Geto knows he’s slowly corrupting you; forming you into a strong woman that no one can destroy. Can you do an imagine where Diana Prince brings her daughter to Themyscyra or if you’ve already done that maybe where Diana’s daughter is a descendent of Hades and how Diana reacts when her daughter tells her she is? Word Count: 783 Themyscira, the home of the Amazons . i really liked it when i first started writing it but then eh. Hot. TW:This book contains smut. 2K 43. mafia boss feat. satoruxreader. New. his hair was a mess and his sunglasses were crooked. warnings: unhealthy coping mechanisms, mentions of self-destructive thoughts and indications of depression. 70 parts Ongoing. Given the opportunity to become a sorcerer since a young age. “Of course I do, you are my daughter. The young Amane Shigeru was sentenced to death on September 7th, 2006, by the . “And stay out”! A 13 year old girl winced being thrown out of a bakery she slowly got up wincing this girl had long (H/C) hair that reached her mid back, pretty (E/C) eyes, wearing a ragged black shirt, pants, and worn out flats her name was (y/n) and was an orphan. 16. Floki leads them over to a small bench and sits his daughter down. Unexpected: Geto x Reader by lightning laze. A loud squeak escaped you, the pain was intolerable. Language: English Words: 3,458 Chapters: 1/1 yes i’m changing. ” You feel a hand clover your mouth making your eyes widened as you hear him say “don’t you dare finish that sentence. Getos arms wrapped around your body like a teddy bear, both of your eyes closed shut. “I never asked to be one, I didn’t really have a . He also knows you love his true form, so it was when he had you double stuffed. Assassin Au Geto x reader x Gojo where they keep messing up the mission and flirting with reader while the target slips away under their nose. not when he was ten years older than you. “Halu! Brainrot kating sugeto x fem!reader karena tempat sender seharian ujan Seharian hujan dan kamu mau gak mau ikut kating bernama suguru geto buat pulang karena doi bawa mobil, tapi ya karena hujan seharian jalanan macet parah di beberapa titik. 퐑퐈퐍퐍퐆퐆퐆, 퐑퐈퐍퐍퐆퐆퐆 Geto used to be on the receiving end of this, but he learned all the tells so now he conspires with Gojo to hold down the other end of the blanket. a/n: a very long drabble for geto bb. # 12. Peter Quill x Daughter!Reader :Thanos: " Hey y'all, prepare yourself for the rubberband man. ” “What I wanted was a father but you never were one. You weren’t one to mention the beginning of your childhood. “Ah . Thirty One (31) Lovely Blog Recs. "So I heard you want my 𝐀𝐭𝐭𝐞𝐧𝐭𝐢𝐨𝐧? " Geto said as he put down his papers. 70 parts. “Stop, I’m trying to shower and leave in time for work. His grip was firm around your waist as the scent of coffee tickled the very ends of your nose hairs. # 1. To your father, you were the greatest offering they could give to Geto Suguru, and to your surprise, he accepted. Y/n turns serious after a moment. Ongoing. The second oldest and the daughter of a Viscount has planted a great number of weight on her shoulders. The God of the Dead. summary: Despite being the only person in your clan with the weakest presence of cursed energy, you were not deemed entirely useless. do not repost/translate/claim my work as yours on . ”. He laughs. Her little feet carried her all the way to the throne room, where she finally saw her dad. Gamora was lip-syncing with your dad. Getou Suguru/Reader; Getou Suguru; Ieiri Shoko; Nanami Kento; Geto & Reader; Strangers to Lovers; Hot Sex; Oral Sex; Shameless Smut; Morning Sex; Summary. Whitebeard Pirates x *daughter* reader part 1. child!Reader x Jujutsu Kaisen. tags ».

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