Damian wayne x reader bath. "I was just joking around geez" Todd said be leaving. He didn't want anymore trouble and to risk being sent back to the league. Read Damian Wayne x reader🌈Colors from the story Bat boys x reader by Redhoodspants (Kenzie) with 18,153 reads. When he pulled the gag out of her mouth, she coughed. You chuckled as they walked away, taking Damian’s hand into your own. In an AU where when your soulmate and you touch you feel sparks and intense warmth! Damian is around 16-18 ish in my head! Being a sucker for a good love story you couldn’t help but always feel jealous watching your classmates, friends, and even strangers on the street find their soulmate. ” Y/N laughed lightly. Y/N laughed lightly. You screamed when you felt a hand on your shoulder, and jerked away from it’s touch. When you looked up to see your attacker, all you saw was Damian, looking more concerned than you’d ever seen him. You would've be a goner by now!" "Oh yeah! Pairing: Damian Wayne x Fem!Reader. Making my way to Biology a few minutes early . Big thanks to @oreosmama for the title! ~~~ “I’m going to miss you. All proceeds will be promptly given to the hospital, and Mr. ” You had to get home, you lived in a fairly bad side of gotham, weren’t poor. This is my first time writing him, so please be kind. We've been dating about 3 years now. "If you guys have a baby it would be a archangel" Todd joked 7. Never shows fear, has no weaknesses, slays dragons and trolls before breakfast. Reality is that his mother and father would never be together. There is one F-Bomb. But before Bruce can correct him you smack him on the shoulder. Damian's pov +. New. " Pairing: Damian Wayne x reader, Alfred Pennyworth x reader (platonic) Summary: “Well, you may enjoy being Batman’s sidekick, I enjoy being Alfred’s. Slowly the screams faded back into whispers, which quickly dissipated. “Y/N!”. You knew of the nightly escapades of the family. and you were sure Tim was scared for life when he accidentally walked into the bathroom when you were doing your business. Back to the Past: Damian Wayne x Reader. As you moved in tune with your music, you felt a light tap on your . “Damian Wayne, jealous. I’M REALLY TRYING. As he followed behind you, you felt some butterflies growing in your stomach. I love you more than anything in this universe; more than life itself. Pairing: Damian Wayne x reader, Alfred Pennyworth x reader (platonic) Summary: “Well, you may enjoy being Batman’s sidekick, I enjoy being Alfred’s. ~~ Y/n woke up groggy on the Batcave floor, looking up at a very displeased Bruce. “You see, beloved, I never used to get jealous. Damian leads you to the oldest man standing next to Alfred. #19. Word count: 2,664 . Just so you know, The reader is a singer and an artist, and is popular for both. Read 17 from the story Damian Wayne x reader by demonlord663 (Myya. JonDami Fanfiction Masterpost. Grunt. If you haven't chec. “An inconvenience you love. You are beginning to show. Damian called to her. I'm walking through the hallway of Gotham Academy. We went to our room. your arm came out to greet the many older couples coming into the mayor’s home, the place where bruce planned tonight . Reality is that his mother had him killed. Dick drove, Tim riding up front. ” Read Damian Wayne x reader from the story Batfam one shots by BangtanBatfam (•Artuna•Jam•es) with 5,656 reads. Gotham was a place where your nightmares hide. Damian Wayne/Robin One Shots Fanfiction. A bloody crowbar lay near her. 100 Stories. 12K 394 61. damian wayne x reader <3. Read Damian Wayne x Reader from the story Batboys Preferences and Imagines by cherrie_stewart (I guess) with 7,926 reads. " He insisted stubbornly. +. Discover more posts about Damian-Wayne-x-reader. You laughed and gently ruffled his hair. Enough that you thought your ears would bleed. "Ah yes, the Great Damian Wayne. Psycho: Damian Wayne X Reader by I Purple You. # 1. Damian Wayne is on a quest to find the respect he deserves. "I'm not afraid of anything. “Dami I have to go home”. 100 Stories. The Wayne boy softly shrugged your touch off and crossed his arms. I'm sixteen years old and I have been diagnosed with depression. 50K 1. Anyways, I live in an orphanage 'cause my parents are . Your legs sprawled out awkwardly across the back seat, bending at odd angles, your blood soaking into the leather seats of Dick’s car. So you knew why robin would watch you. They brought light into Bruce's life, and learned the load on Alfred's shoulders. I tried my best to make your ‘parents’ names as unique as possible. “I love you too, Wayne. - Thankfully, he didn't reject you trying to protect him, he understood that it was your mission and acted accordingly. “Robin” she “We’ll give you some alone time,” she said. Her angelic voice yelled for him to come in. At least now you were slightly more prepared to . Damian was cold, arrogant and wasn't afraid to spit harsh words on anyone he saw fit. ~ this book is complete ~ Y/N is a psychopath with the desire to kill and torture Gotham's greatest heroes. Damian rolled his eyes. Damian had too. “I love them, your family is great. Then again, everything changed when I fell in love with you. On his right hand was a white glove with faux diamond studs on it. Part One // Part Two. ” “I know. Basically, like a weak M-Rated movie. Romantic emotions. "You're mocking me. ” “It’s only a week. But if you know anyone with that name, just change it in your head. You would've be a goner by now!" "Oh yeah! Missing You Damian Wayne X Reader Part 1. Just family wanted to stay their. All the chapters are SFW for the most part. 'All this work all to get to class on time' I thought as I sidestepped out of the way of someone running with the traffic. The first time Damian Wayne kissed you, it hadn't meant to start anything. So, it’s kind of more of a Damian Wayne & Fem!Reader one shot. He got jealous when Blue started flirting with her or when she hung out with Beast Boy. To be honest, that's who I am. Todd was getting on my nerve about my girlfriend y/n. “smile dami. Wait. The three boys try to contain laughter, Bruce smirks and Alfred looks straight faced as usual. Once you’d showed him where to find the right books, he thanked you. Damian Wayne x Reader Soulmate AU. Over the three months, Damian began to develop emotions for (y/n). I really wanted to get into the writing scene here on Tumblr, so I thought I’d start with my latest fixation, the Batfam, specifically Damian Wayne. “Robin” she Fanfiction. You watched as . The song started playing and Damian started dancing. Shy. Damian knocked on (y/n)'s door. ” Reader's pov. ” He wrapped her up in a hug hoping to convey just how much he’d miss her. (Or I guess Damian Wayne x Batmom!Reader) Let me know what you would want to see between Damian and Y/N. timdrake, jasontoddxreader, batboysim. Y/N grinned. He’d been fooled by it before. You asked as Damian wrapped his arms around your torso. You and Damian Wayne had been as inseparable as Siamese twins since the day he almost set fire to your hair. I’m currently working on a Bruce Wayne x Fem!Reader one shot, but with the emphasis on her trying to win over the approval with Damian. The youngest Wayne son opened up a small hidden drawer on the entertainment center. Damian turned over, staring at the ceiling from his bed, his face in a scowl at your declaration of a mother’s love. Readers POV. All NSFW chapters are marked as such. "Leave the kid alone" Drake said +. damianwayne, love, dickgrayson. But Damien refused to let you go. Warnings: none. Damian is 17-ish. " You teased lightly. Oh, did I forget to introduce myself? I'm (Y/n), (y/n) (l/n). I always notice the littlest things; the way that someone's eyes show their emotions or Stutters ~ Damian Wayne/Robin. “Are you sure I should go? I don’t want to leave for so long. Read Damian Wayne x reader from the story Batfam one shots by BangtanBatfam (•Artuna•Jam•es) with 5,656 reads. Damian had took me to a hotel. Pairing: Damian Wayne x Fem!Reader. Summary: Y/n comes from the future where her and Damian are married. Things you probably wanna know, for all you ‘x reader’ illiterates: (Y/N): Your Name (H/C): Hair Colour / Color . By Damians_little_demon. ”. Damian Wayne x Fem!Reader. Other: Reader is 16. Damian let out a scream while he was falling into the pool. Spooning - Damian Wayne x Reader. "D. I've been described as unsociable and shy. I LOVE FLUFF. “We’ll give you some alone time,” she said. Damian says softly. 7K 168 49. I always notice the littlest things; the way that someone's eyes show their emotions or Damian's pov +. It seemed almost considerate of him. Damian walked out of the bathroom ¨ Bruce wouldn't mind if you stayed if You're Parents/Mentors ask if he cares¨ He said while sitting next to you on his the bed ¨ Well I guess ill ask them¨ You said calling . #batman #comics #damian #dc B. Word count: 1,244. “I know and I’m so excited for this but I’m scared. You have your shirt lifted as you admire the small baby bump in the large mirror of Damian’s room and smile nervously. "It's ok to be scared Damian. The same night, Gothams own billionaire, Bruce Wayne, held a gala to raise funds for cancer patients in the children's hospital. ~ this book is complete ~ Y/N is a psychopath with the desire to kill and torture But before Bruce can correct him you smack him on the shoulder. Damian shrugged. Y/N raised her head slightly, clearly exhausted by the effort. Sort by: Hot. batman, jsontodd, happiness. The doorbell rang and was about to get it but father got to it first. Safe - Damian Wayne x Reader (Heartlines Soulmates AU)-27 Aug 2020-You mouthed along to the music in your headphones as you started to stock the books onto the shelves. Wayne thanks all of those who donated. . Damian sat in the back, cradling his beaten and bloodied beloved close to his chest. " He pouted. It’s fine, really. “They are nothing but an inconvenience. But love isn’t reality. He smiled to himself when he picked up what was inside. I’ll miss you as well beloved. She knows she can't take the Bat out, but she can take Robin. B) with 939 reads. I absolutely adore Older!Damian, so if you want some imagines about him, in your girl. The ride to the hospital was tense and silent. Baby! (Damian Wayne x reader) “Beloved. B. jasontodd, serious, xreader. . Angst, mentions of blood, mentions of killing. Author: Dessa. No requests. # batman # comics # damian # dc # robin # wayne. Word Count: 1647. It has been six months. Today was the day he was going to tell her. 7K 27. The thought crossed your mind that you were suddenly relieved you couldn’t see the heartlines, knowing you’d be upset by the sight of his leading undoubtedly away from you. She’s accidentally dropped into the past and witness what an annoying disrespectful turd her husband was. Many fluff. You put both your hands over each of his shoulders, causing his muscles to tense, and shot a calming look his way. I always notice the littlest things; the way that someone's eyes show their emotions or A bloody crowbar lay near her. I hope you guys l. damian, dc, drake. A/N: Once again SORRY FOR MY POOR GRAMMAR. It's my last year here. ” you rushed under your breath, barely glancing at the boy leaning against the wall with a grim look painted across his normally rather attractive appearance, his god like structure. Who would have thought,” she chuckled. “Well, to start, don’t ever tell my brothers, but I think I have to agree with you High School Musical is, in fact, a cinematic masterpiece. This is a collection of the various one shots involving Damian Wayne/Robin that have been featured on my tumblr blog. I sat in my room, gazing out into the darkest of nights. "Danian!" He rubs the back of his neck sheepishly while muttering a small, reluctant, 'sorry'. Damian kicked off his shoes and was only left with his socks. Read Damian Wayne x reader from the story Batboys x reader by Spac3Bby (Julie) with 3,050 reads. ” Words: 2852 (!!!! It’s really big number for me) Warning: none, expect for fluff. “So, Damian Wayne, tell me about yourself,” you said. Damian ran to her, untying her bindings. “Robin” she Safe - Damian Wayne x Reader (Heartlines Soulmates AU)-27 Aug 2020-You mouthed along to the music in your headphones as you started to stock the books onto the shelves. “Dick, get help, she’s here!”. The bookstore was quiet, especially on a weekday afternoon like today, and the work was calm and methodical. Reality is that love doesn’t exist. Hot. I walked through the traffic in the hallways ducking under arms and the occasional flying object. Warnings: Swearing. Your mentor, Black Canary, had gone off on a mission with the rest of the league, leaving you at the . Requested: No. Throughout the night, we received a guest appearance from his blood son, Damian Wayne, and the lovely Dick Grayson. " Damian let out a scream while he was falling into the pool. When people notice me, they call me shy.

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