Civic education for jss3. Start Course. JSS1 1. – Attributes of right attitude to work – honesty, discipline, integrity, commitment, punctuality, regularity, consistency, diligence, transparency. Basic 1. Parents who wants to teach their children will also find it helpful. 0 Ratings. Explain the concept of the constitution. Election and electoral bodies in Nigeria. View >. I. Process of constitutional development. On this page, get all Civic Education JSS3 topics from First Term to Third Term. Supremacy of the Constitution | Week 7 2 Topics | 1 Quiz. 4 Lessons. Explain/Describe the Importance of Election in Democratic Society . Reasons for the Supremacy of the Constitution. m4v from Krystal Digital on Vimeo. Civic Education S3; Literature S3; Islamic Religion Knowledge S3; Primary. VOTER’S REGISTRATION Civic Education lesson note for Junior Secondary School-2 Third Term is now available for free. Role of Citizen’s in constitutional development. 2 Citizenship. WEE K TOPIC CONTENT TEACHER’S ACTIVITIES STUDENTS’ ACTIVITIES 1 The Constitution: meaning of constitution. VOTER’S REGISTRATION FIRST TERM SCHEME OF WORK FOR CIVIC EDUCATION JSS 3 (BASIC 9) – MODIFIED II. 3 National Security. Mathematics JSS 3 Second Term. ELECTORAL BODIES IN NIGERIA Population census is the head count of people in a place at a particular time, within a given period. 2. Expand. The last population census conducted in NIGERIA was . JSS3 Agricultural Science; JSS3 Basic Science; JSS3 Basic Technology; JSS3 Business Studies; JSS3 Christian Religious Studies; JSS3 Civic Education; JSS3 Computer Studies; JSS3 English; JSS3 Mathematics; JSS3 Social Studies; SS 1. their civic right. 1. Review of last terms work. The 1999 Constitution. – The provision apply to all states and individual uniformity. Pass WAEC, JAMB, POST-UTME & more in One Sitting for FREE! Course Information Categories: JSS 3 Course Instructor ClassPrefect Author Student Enrollment FREE MEMBER PRICING JSS 3 These Civic Education questions and answers were pulled from our book ( Civic Education questions for JSS3); Compiled to serve as a reference material to help teachers draw up test and exam questions faster. Census is expected to be conducted regularly at every ten years interval. Rule of law is the law that states that the law is supreme over all the citizens and even those in governments, must be subject to and protected by the law. View > Subject Reviews: Average Rating 0. CIVIC EDUCATION. It is the people cognizance of law and living below it. Types. Civic Education. Find them below, study them and excel in your examinations. Population census is the head count of people in a place at a particular time, within a given period. Definition of the concept Supremacy of the Constitution. JSS3 Civic Education. 1960 Independence Constitution: Features, Advantages or Achievement . R. Honesty (Meaning of honesty, attributes of honesty, consequences of dishonesty) JSS2 1. 5 Stars 0% 0. Download Civic Education Lesson Note for JSS 2. Our mission is to provide a world‑class education for anyone, anywhere. ) 2. VOTER’S REGISTRATION their civic right. Electoral Bodies in Nigeria INEC SIEC Uses Composition and Roles 4. 11 Civic Education JSS3 Second Term Final Assessment Test. The first term scheme of work for Civic Education for Junior Secondary School three (3) begins with the revision of the previous academic session, followed by topics on the curriculum which includes; Illiteracy- meaning, causes, consequences and solutions, Right Attitude to Work- meaning, attributes, rewards and consequences of not having the right attitude to work and so on. Ng offers practice exercises, lesson, and a personalized learning dashboard that empower learners to study at their own pace in and outside of the classroom. Meaning; The role of citizen in mainting national unity e. Week. . VALUES (Meaning of values, Importance of values in the society. 3. Examples of values (Level of manifestation of values) 3. State the meaning of Elections. Details. Agricultural Science JSS3 Second Term. Causes and Effects of Murder and Rape. Causes and Effects of Advanced Fee Fraud 419 and Embezzlement. ENGLISH LANGUAGE B2 SECOND TERM E-LEARNING NOTE SUBJECT: CIVIC EDUCATION CLASS: JSS 3 SCHEME OF WORK WEEK TOPIC Elections: Meaning Types of Elections 2. ) 4. The 1989 Constitution. S JSS3 2ND TERM. Student should be able to: 1. 4&5 Rights and Duties of Citizens. JSS3 . Pass WAEC, JAMB, POST-UTME & more in One Sitting for FREE! The 1989 Constitution. – Only one constitution for the country. CIVIC EDUCATION JSS3. Explain the meaning of electoral bodies 2. Outline the Importance of Elections. Junior Secondary School Curriculum Scond Term JSS3- Edudelight. Identify the electoral bodies in Nigeria 3. This lesson plan is perfect for Civic teachers. 0% Complete. Lesson Content. Each sample question includes correct answers. Causes and Effects of Falsehood and Theft. Civic education maybe defined also social science subjects which studies the way in which the rights duties privileges and obligations of people are protected in any Society. 3 Importance of Civic Education 1. Jss3-Civic Education National Population Census-1. Civic . Topic. Electoral [] FIRST TERM E-LEARNING SUBJECT:CIVIC EDUCATION CLASS: JS 3 SCHEME OF WORK WEEK TOPIC The Constitution:Meaning and Types Features of Colonial Nigeria‘s Constitution 1 Clifford’s Constitution of 1922 3. g. ELECTORAL BODIES IN NIGERIA CIVIC EDUCATION JSS3 1ST TERM JSS3. The law of the land supersedes all her citizens. The English usage of civics relates to behavior affecting other citizens, particularly in the context of urban development Civic education is the study of the theoretical, political and practical aspects of citizenship, as well as its rights and duties. Business Studies JSS 3 Second Term. ) without any limit. Resumption exercise, and copying of scheme of work. The State and Federal Ministry of Education has recommended unified lesson notes for all JSSs in Nigeria, in other words, all private JSSs in Nigeria must operate with the same lesson notes based on the scheme of work for Civic Education. It has 1st, 2nd and 3rd terms of JSS 3 Civic Education lesson note. II. JSS2 Civic Education; JSS2 Computer Studies; JSS2 English; JSS2 Mathematics; JSS2 Social Studies; JSS 3. JUNIOR SECONDARY SCHOOL (JSS 3) THIRD TERM . Factors that promote good value systems (Consistency, tolerance, fairness etc. Importance of Election in Democratic Society 3. Mention the Types of Elections . 4. com UBE Cirriculum for Civic Education Second Term Jss3 Civic Education Curriculum Lagos State . 4 Stars . resumption 6th jan 2014 jss3 social studies scheme of work and assignment, scheme 1 Revision of Last Term’s Work. civic education third term s scheme of work for jss 1 3, scheme of work for civic . 0% Complete 0/2 Steps. 1 MEANING OF CIVIC EDUCATION. Rule of law is the absolute supremacy of the law over everyone in a country. Lesson notes, assessment tests, interactive games, and workbooks for students in Junior Secondary 3 with complete coverage of the current Nigerian National Curriculum as approved by the National Educational Research and Development Council CIVIC EDUCATION JSS ONE 1 ST TERM WEE K TOPIC CONTENT TEACHER’S ACTIVITIES STUDENTS’ ACTIVITIES 1 Meaning and Importance or Functions of Civic Education. Computer Science JSS3 Second Term. Play. IMPORTANCE OF ELECTION I. 4 Agencies of Civic Education. Com. It could also help students assess their level of exam preparation. Pass WAEC, JAMB, POST-UTME & more in One Sitting for FREE! CIVIC EDUCATION. Integrity (Meaning . 0/0 Steps. Social Studies JSS 3 Second Term. – Importance/rewards for right attitude to work. J. ELECTIONS I. ENGLISH LANGUAGE B1; MATHEMATICS B1; Basic Science and Technology B1; Agricultural Science B1; Civic Education B1; Social Studies B1; Igbo Language B1; Computer Science B1; CCA B1; French B1; Basic 2. JSS 3 First Term Civic Education Evaluation Questions. The lesson outlines follow the National Education Research and Development Council (NERDC) approved Curriculum 2015 for Schools in Nigeria. JSS3: CIVIC EDUCATION – 1ST TERM. review of last term’s work. 3 Process of Becoming a Citizen of a Country. JSS 3. 1 Meaning of Civic Education 1. Democratic Process. Register now to start learning your favourite subjects, Get access to our rich library of lessons in different formats (videos, ebooks, audiobooks, etc. It is very useful, concise and easy to understand with weekly schemes of work, assignments and quizzes designed to assess students’ knowledge of the subjects. Definition of Civic Education: a subject that teaches a child to understand and fulfill his rights and responsibilities as a citizen. Explain the importance of election. The first population census in NIGERIA was conducted in 1962/63; census was again conducted in 1973 and also in 1991. WEEKS TOPICS/CONTENTS . Subject: CIVIC EDUCATION Duration: 2HRS Class: JSS 3 1. 2 Aims and Objectives of Civic Education 1. Civic Education JSS3. At the poll, each of the electorate or voter is given a ballot paper and after thumbprint secretly drops it in a ballot box of the candidate or party of his choice. English Language JSS3 Second Term. It includes the study of civil law and civil code, and the study of government with . vigilance, patriotism, obedience etc. Meaning. CIVIC EDUCATION JSS3 On this page, get all Civic Education JSS3 topics from First Term to Third Term. Free and Fair Elections Meaning Importance/Need for Free and Fair Elections 5. There are electoral officials to hand over the ballot papers to the voters and to monitor the conduct of the process. Topics of the lessons are listed before each of the lesson with their corresponding weeks. A personalized learning resource for all ages ClassNotes. Meaning- a body of agreed rules and principles stating how powers of governing a country are given and how these powers are to be exercised. Nigerian Constitution- functions of a constitution, features of the constitution; features of 1999 constitution; roles of citizens in constitutional development; Peace and Conflicts their civic right. 07 Election and electoral bodies in Nigeria II. 3 THIRD TERM CIVIC EDUCATION SCHEME OF WORK. The willingness to work hard and give your energy and time to a job or activity is called(A)spiritual(B)commitment(C)brave(D)hard work 2 The rule of law is(A)supremacy of the law over every citizen in a country(B)human right protection(C)supremacy of the law over the rich(D)securing lives and properties of the citizens Download Civic Education Lesson Note for JSS 2. Physical Health Education JSS 3 Second Term. 7 Lessons. S. C. Features of Nigeria‘s Colonial Constitution 2 Macpherson’s Constitution of 1951 Lyttleton’s Constitution of 1954 4. FIRST TERM E-LEARNING SUBJECT:CIVIC EDUCATION CLASS: JS 3 SCHEME OF WORK WEEK TOPIC The Constitution:Meaning and Types Features of Colonial Nigeria‘s Constitution 1 Clifford’s Constitution of 1922 3. SS1 . Civic Education JSS 3 Second Term.

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